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The Fascinating Lives of Chickens
Brainy, Social, Talkin Birds with Big Personalities

Chicken's make fun pets

Chickens make great yard pets, and they can be as much fun as cats and dogs. I keep a few chickens in the yard as pets, and everyday when the weather is good I let them out of the fenced chicken yard and into the open yard. I try to wait till noon to let them out, hoping that they will be done with their egg laying and that other creatures that may prey on my chickens will have already found their meal elseware. My chickens like to play in the open yard, and when they see me comming to let them out its like watching an anxous child. Another advantage of letting the chickens out is it's easier to clean the hen house when they are not under foot. Sometimes I close the gate behind them so I can finish without having their help.

One of the first things you need to consider when your thinking about getting chickens are where are they going to sleep. Your not building a Hen House or chicken coop to keep the chickens in. Your building a hen house or chicken coop to keep other animals out. If you don't do a good job, one morning you may wake up and find your chickens have been eaten by racoons.

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